Sunday, August 30, 2009


Time for zucchini hospice. We seem to be losing the battle to powdery mildew as the zucchini season winds down.

I googled some info and have sprayed a milk/water solution on it, but it doesn't seem to be working. We tried to trim some of the big leaves to get it more light, and then trim off some of the dead leaves, but it's just not looking good.
Chalk it up to a new gardener who will catch it faster next year, I guess. Anyone w/suggestions, let me know...

Audrey Junior, we have enjoyed all your zucchini this summer. You were such a surprise to us - we had no idea you would grow so fast or so big.

Just a few short weeks ago, you looked like this:

And now, I can barely even look at what you've become. We're sorry we weren't able to take better care of you at the end. We'll do better next time.

On a more positive gardening note, our tomatoes are still growing like crazy.
We had aphids nearby and I used some organic Neem oil spray that seemed to work.

Please join us in bidding farewell to Audrey Jr. the zucchini .
We hope she'll make great compost, even with the mildew issue.

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