Friday, February 1, 2008

Look at this girl. She is 20 months old. Almost two and thinks she's almost 12...
Twenty. That seems like so many months, and some days I can hardly remember life before her. But then I think about how much simpler things were with zero or one kid, and it all comes rushing back.

Our days are such blurs sometimes I feel like I can't slow down enough to grab a hold of anything but fleeting moments. And I'm certainly not writing enough of it down...

Here are my most recent favorite fleeting moments.
  • The big "light up your face" smile I get when I walk in the door from my once-weekly work-in-the-office day
  • The sheer delight on her face when you say "I'm gonna get you" and start the chase
  • The look where she's mad at me but her brother makes her laugh, and then she remembers she's mad--sort of "mad, trying not to laugh" and very funny
  • The way she rests her head on my shoulder before going to bed, then lifts it up to kiss my cheek
  • The way she hugs her brother
  • The way she runs over to comfort and hug her brother if he hurts himself (unless she has inflicted the hurt)
  • The 20 minutes she spent doing "Hair Salon" with her baby doll in the highchair with a plastic knife from her tea set
  • Her very particular seating arrangement for tea parties, as well as the menu (usually her pretend cheese and bacon, with an occasional broccoli or peas or taco thrown in)
New words: Jeans, beans, peas, blueberry (blue blue), cheese, and Boo!
New teeth - finally! She's getting all 4 molars and finally the 4th tooth on the bottom front, so she won't look like she was in a hockey fight anymore.

I really owe her more than this... my goal is to write her a better letter before she's 2!

We had a snow day last Monday, about 4 inches, enough for a snowman! Bitty Girl spent most of her time eating the raisins and carrots that were supposed to decorate the snowman. The Boy was very serious about his decorating, and very irritated about his sister poking holes in its side to hide her raisins. Although he did bury a carrot "lung" and "heart" inside the snowman.

Thank goodness for a teacher Daddy, who is also home on snow days. I decided the only time I'll really enjoy snow days is when the kids are old enough to get themselves dressed and play outside in the snow by themselves. I'm just not a snow bunny.

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