Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Angels Among Us

My kids are angels. I'm sure I'm jinxing myself for tomorrow, but today, I have to say - they were rock stars.
It was a solo Mommy Day, since Pat had evening plans right after work, AND Lance's preschool had an open house from 6-8 pm. I was dreading having to drag Audrey out past her bedtime while dealing with Lance at school in the evening. But I got my "Tough Mama" on, and was ready to tackle the day.

Like a crazy lady, I decided we needed an afternoon outing between Audrey's naps, so Lance chose the mall. Lovely. We're trying not to spend money, so we go to Spending Paradise. And of course I decide Audrey needs a bath, then Lance wants a bath, and we had to eat lunch. This left us about an hour before Naptime #2 rolled around. We could only do a trip to the Disney store, with pre-trip discussions about how we're not buying anything. He was amazing. He loves to look at everything, and is currently obsessed with Disney Princesses (see next post), but wasn't whiny or grumpy about not buying or about leaving.

Audrey threw the first obstacle by refusing to take an afternoon nap. I honestly let her try to cry it out, but after 30-40 minutes, I had to go back in. I was panicking, thinking the Open House would be a disaster with overtired crabby girl. But thanks to the miracles of breastfeeding, at 3:15, she surrendered, and then proceeded to sleep until 5 pm! Hallelujah!
Lance and I played outside, read stories, and I was able to get ready for the evening festivities.

The Open House was a success, in spite of being a mine field for Lance. Take Mr. Schedule, send him to school in the evening, put a million extra people there, and have a bookfair to top it off.--recipe for a meltdown. I was worried, especially since I had Audrey to deal with as well. But he was great - kind of distracted and discombobulated, but he didn't fuss or whine or yell at me. We ate, looked at the bookfair, visited his classrooms, and went home. It was a little strange - they had this theme of "secret doorways" to the imagination, where each class had a theme (space, pirates, fairies, whatever the kids voted on). But it seemed kind of over Lance's head. He was excited for the secret doors, but I think he thought it was going to be actual doorways he could go through. They had small wooden painted doors in each room, but he seemed to be looking for something else.

And speaking of rock stars, Miss Audrey stayed in her stroller, smiled at everyone, and was a complete angel. Of course she was totally tired and overstimulated, but as long as she was happy and quiet, it was good for everyone.

I'm worn out from the Kid-A-Thon - at least tomorrow is a school day for Lance!

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